Words with friends

102e655418a729a7abcd02e763ee803eWords with friends challenges the aspect of scrabble as it much more easy going than its predecessor but still retains the general well-being of the game. You can have nice to bantering with friends and family about who knows the most words and who is ultimately smarter.

Unlike Scrabble you can throw words up with being challenged or penalized for it which makes the game a bit more enjoyable. This is because of its flexibility and ease of trying to get as many pints as possible whiteout have to be too picky about watching out for strict rules and regulations. You can set a game with some one you know by putting in there username but if someone gets upset and predicts they might lose they do have the option of resigning. And there is nothing you do about it.

It is a copy of Scrabble but is more lighter in tone with bubble clicking sounds as you place the letters in spaces to arrange them in a way to get as many points as possible. It is pretty simple and easy to get points because you can take an along as you would like without the person nagging you in person. However he game must go on! So there is a nudge button that reminds the player who seems to be idle that the game needs to keep going. This is ultimately a reminder for the player to make their move.

Chatting with your open this messages is also an option if you would rant about how good you’re doing or about how bad your opponent is doing. Bragging rights is a huge option when winning with the message option. Solo play is available for ones that want to refine their skills alone without any outside interference.

This is good for beginners are one just trying to dust off the dictionary. Scrabble remains a classic, but words with friends add its unique taste in the classic game with a bit more charm and flexibility. Making it more of a load back word game that you can laugh with your friends about in the end. For those that want to jump right into the game and push aside all the headaches of rules, words with friends are perfect. Its eye-popping style is amazing and extremely addictive to even non-Scrabble players.