1198d451c55828d94385e0a962685ea4Wordament® is a real-time, continuous word tournament that allows people to compete on the same board as everyone else. Each round persists of allowing you to do challenges such as two-and three-letter tiles, themed words, and speed rounds. You’re able to become a champion in many different ways, whether that be climbing the ranks and defeating challengers or earning the best score, finding the longest words, beating your Frenemies, and by beating your personal top score. You have the ability to win with the game at your fingertips.

You’re able to track your progress by maintaining your statistics, beating your own score, finding the best word within the challenges given, having the highest word count, and overall being able to place first in the ranks. The game itself is rated E, whch means that people of all ages are able to enjoy the game, and this could very well be a exhilarating, fun and exciting concept for young children to learn, notice and practice their sight words.

This game utilizes strategic word games to engage your mind that can be a useful tool for parents who would like their children to embrace new words while reviewing old ones that they have learned during vacations such as road trips, keeping their brain active and engaged while at the supermarket, or even just having some fun in your spare time. This game has the ability to keep a person of all ages having fun for hours on end.

Also, as a bonus, there are exciting features to take advantage of, such as the XBOX leader-boards that show you who is working their best to get the top score, who is climbing the ranks, who has the best score of the day and hour, and overall earn fancy achievements along the way that allows you to have the bragging rights to show off to your friends. You are guaranteed a unique approach to active learning with this exhilarating game. Do you have what it takes to defeat real-time players and become a Champ in this multiplayer competitive word game? Play and find out! Good luck!

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