Snap Attack

snapattackThe snap attack is a gaming application with the puzzle-like appearance. The board is a new game that has attracted any players from all over the world. It is played online and within seconds it enlightens the player and makes the brain alert. Most of the games can be played with the collaboration of other interested parties from all over the world. The new game is played online and already available in Google for downloads.

Winning the game is identified by the number of points awarded for completing around. The snap attack dashboard after a round displays all the ranks and marks earned by each player. Marks are awarded according to the speed of the player in filling the puzzle with the right alphabets to make a word. The dashboard has black tiles known as snaps. The snaps are filled with the correct letters from top to bottom and left to right. When a dash has more tiles to make a word, the player gets more marks.

What Makes the Game Unique?
The game is different with other applications because there is a chance to play with opponents online. Different from applications like candy crush where one plays against the device, the app is mind catching. More so one becomes a champion by winning and defeating other live players.

With the Snap Attack, all the winnings are recorded. It keeps all the details and can tell the best snap you have made with the game. The winner can track their progress over and over by identifying the various times they appeared first. It requires alertness of the mind and speed to win. Other applications do not keep the records, and the player cannot identify their journey to the many winnings.

Different Options
With the snap attack application, there is an option to play a single, double or triple snap. All the options are easy to win depending on the pace of the player. The player has a chance to range themselves with global players because the ranks are awarded globally. It is up to the player to keep up with the word plays and at a quick speed. Snap Attack is a brain game. It is mind catchy and tricky for those who fail to concentrate.

Snap Attack Compatibility
The application is compatible with various electronic devices. Some games are highly identified with age, but the puzzle can be played by a person of any age. It depends on the person’s ability to handle wordiness and the determination to become the next Snap Attack global champion.