Heads up

5f512ab4b3ec45a214feda49dece77faThe game of charades good never be more enjoyable as the “heads up” app gives you an awesome experience with friends and family. You have different topics to choose from, varying from Disney movies, animals, celebrities, accents and characters. There is a total of eighteen different themes to pick from. The fun will never end with such a high variety of topics to choose from and test your knowledge.

It’s very easy to play as you can tilt up or down depending on if you get it right or wrong. And to add the adrenaline rush is a timer that keeps things going as you rush to figure out what the word could be. This is a fun game to test out your smart Alec friends with as they struggle with harder topics.

And if you’re not in the mood to play with a whole bunch of friends just play with one. This can be just if not even more fun as you both learn from each other. This will bring out the quirky side of your less outgoing friend and might reveal a more exciting side to them you didn’t know they had. It is fun to play with one friend but is excellent to get together with a big group of things needs to be livened up at s dull party. Face up is to pass when you may not know about the word n screen and face down when answers correct.

Unfortunately, you only have one minute to get as many correct as possible, but this is where good acting skills come in handy. Your friends must stay completely silent as they act out what is on the phone or even they may hum if it helps. This is a great game to get active and going. To make things even more interesting is a video recorder that will record your friends trying to help you guess the word right that you can post on Facebook.

It might be a little embarrassing, but that’s what makes heads up so exciting. Heads up makes you act out funny situations or objects depending on the topic. This is a very good time to pass the time away as well if needed. Or if you need to get some couch potatoes up and to move. Overall it’s a perfect app to help get some good excessive and fun in at the same time as you act out a pirate or hum a theme song.