Bonza Word Puzzle

89d3732ef7c825a00c44df69baf1de80Bonza is a colorful and vibrant crossword game for this new generation. Many old-timers will even love it as it still holds the old classic tale of unscrambling words. But this time, you can create your own puzzles and have the privilege of hints. Everyone has friends that they want to challenge as they feed their competitive spirit and in Bonza you can do such a thing. It puts even the most creative minds in sloop as the puzzles are based on current events or different specific topics created by the Bonza community.

Sometimes the hard crossword puzzlers want to look back and analyze how they could have done better on a certain puzzle and in Bonza you can look back at the puzzle even when you’re finished. This gives people the ability to improve and see how they can get done quicker for the next time. The layout is anything but dull as it encourages you to keep playing with its vibrant colors and explosive atmosphere.

Its unique design will even get gamers that aren’t into puzzles addicted. Challenging your friends to these puzzles will get everyone involved and coming back for more as things get more competitive. This is something new to the crossword world as you can compete with other people for better scores. The one-word clues come in handy for those players that are just beginning and not very experienced at word puzzles. And this comes in handy even for the experienced ones as the puzzles may get very hard and put gamers to a halt.

The music makes for an interesting addition as it gets you ready to play along with the sounds of the boxes being rearranged as you solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. And as a treat gold coins are a big reward for those able to solve the puzzles. The human mind is out to the test here as hints are available but limited at times. Gold Coins are a currency so that you may be able to purchase moe hints in case you get stuck in a rut. Make sure that you know what you’re doing because without s save feature the level will restart if needed to be closed. This makes it more intense as the player had to solve the puzzle as quickly and effectively as possible with full intention of moving on to the next level.