1198d451c55828d94385e0a962685ea4Wordament® is a real-time, continuous word tournament that allows people to compete on the same board as everyone else. Each round persists of allowing you to do challenges such as two-and three-letter tiles, themed words, and speed rounds. You’re able to become a champion in many different ways, whether that be climbing the ranks and defeating challengers or earning the best score, finding the longest words, beating your Frenemies, and by beating your personal top score. You have the ability to win with the game at your fingertips.

You’re able to track your progress by maintaining your statistics, beating your own score, finding the best word within the challenges given, having the highest word count, and overall being able to place first in the ranks. The game itself is rated E, whch means that people of all ages are able to enjoy the game, and this could very well be a exhilarating, fun and exciting concept for young children to learn, notice and practice their sight words.

This game utilizes strategic word games to engage your mind that can be a useful tool for parents who would like their children to embrace new words while reviewing old ones that they have learned during vacations such as road trips, keeping their brain active and engaged while at the supermarket, or even just having some fun in your spare time. This game has the ability to keep a person of all ages having fun for hours on end.

Also, as a bonus, there are exciting features to take advantage of, such as the XBOX leader-boards that show you who is working their best to get the top score, who is climbing the ranks, who has the best score of the day and hour, and overall earn fancy achievements along the way that allows you to have the bragging rights to show off to your friends. You are guaranteed a unique approach to active learning with this exhilarating game. Do you have what it takes to defeat real-time players and become a Champ in this multiplayer competitive word game? Play and find out! Good luck!

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Words with friends

102e655418a729a7abcd02e763ee803eWords with friends challenges the aspect of scrabble as it much more easy going than its predecessor but still retains the general well-being of the game. You can have nice to bantering with friends and family about who knows the most words and who is ultimately smarter.

Unlike Scrabble you can throw words up with being challenged or penalized for it which makes the game a bit more enjoyable. This is because of its flexibility and ease of trying to get as many pints as possible whiteout have to be too picky about watching out for strict rules and regulations. You can set a game with some one you know by putting in there username but if someone gets upset and predicts they might lose they do have the option of resigning. And there is nothing you do about it.

It is a copy of Scrabble but is more lighter in tone with bubble clicking sounds as you place the letters in spaces to arrange them in a way to get as many points as possible. It is pretty simple and easy to get points because you can take an along as you would like without the person nagging you in person. However he game must go on! So there is a nudge button that reminds the player who seems to be idle that the game needs to keep going. This is ultimately a reminder for the player to make their move.

Chatting with your open this messages is also an option if you would rant about how good you’re doing or about how bad your opponent is doing. Bragging rights is a huge option when winning with the message option. Solo play is available for ones that want to refine their skills alone without any outside interference.

This is good for beginners are one just trying to dust off the dictionary. Scrabble remains a classic, but words with friends add its unique taste in the classic game with a bit more charm and flexibility. Making it more of a load back word game that you can laugh with your friends about in the end. For those that want to jump right into the game and push aside all the headaches of rules, words with friends are perfect. Its eye-popping style is amazing and extremely addictive to even non-Scrabble players.

Heads up

5f512ab4b3ec45a214feda49dece77faThe game of charades good never be more enjoyable as the “heads up” app gives you an awesome experience with friends and family. You have different topics to choose from, varying from Disney movies, animals, celebrities, accents and characters. There is a total of eighteen different themes to pick from. The fun will never end with such a high variety of topics to choose from and test your knowledge.

It’s very easy to play as you can tilt up or down depending on if you get it right or wrong. And to add the adrenaline rush is a timer that keeps things going as you rush to figure out what the word could be. This is a fun game to test out your smart Alec friends with as they struggle with harder topics.

And if you’re not in the mood to play with a whole bunch of friends just play with one. This can be just if not even more fun as you both learn from each other. This will bring out the quirky side of your less outgoing friend and might reveal a more exciting side to them you didn’t know they had. It is fun to play with one friend but is excellent to get together with a big group of things needs to be livened up at s dull party. Face up is to pass when you may not know about the word n screen and face down when answers correct.

Unfortunately, you only have one minute to get as many correct as possible, but this is where good acting skills come in handy. Your friends must stay completely silent as they act out what is on the phone or even they may hum if it helps. This is a great game to get active and going. To make things even more interesting is a video recorder that will record your friends trying to help you guess the word right that you can post on Facebook.

It might be a little embarrassing, but that’s what makes heads up so exciting. Heads up makes you act out funny situations or objects depending on the topic. This is a very good time to pass the time away as well if needed. Or if you need to get some couch potatoes up and to move. Overall it’s a perfect app to help get some good excessive and fun in at the same time as you act out a pirate or hum a theme song.

Snap Attack

snapattackThe snap attack is a gaming application with the puzzle-like appearance. The board is a new game that has attracted any players from all over the world. It is played online and within seconds it enlightens the player and makes the brain alert. Most of the games can be played with the collaboration of other interested parties from all over the world. The new game is played online and already available in Google for downloads.

Winning the game is identified by the number of points awarded for completing around. The snap attack dashboard after a round displays all the ranks and marks earned by each player. Marks are awarded according to the speed of the player in filling the puzzle with the right alphabets to make a word. The dashboard has black tiles known as snaps. The snaps are filled with the correct letters from top to bottom and left to right. When a dash has more tiles to make a word, the player gets more marks.

What Makes the Game Unique?
The game is different with other applications because there is a chance to play with opponents online. Different from applications like candy crush where one plays against the device, the app is mind catching. More so one becomes a champion by winning and defeating other live players.

With the Snap Attack, all the winnings are recorded. It keeps all the details and can tell the best snap you have made with the game. The winner can track their progress over and over by identifying the various times they appeared first. It requires alertness of the mind and speed to win. Other applications do not keep the records, and the player cannot identify their journey to the many winnings.

Different Options
With the snap attack application, there is an option to play a single, double or triple snap. All the options are easy to win depending on the pace of the player. The player has a chance to range themselves with global players because the ranks are awarded globally. It is up to the player to keep up with the word plays and at a quick speed. Snap Attack is a brain game. It is mind catchy and tricky for those who fail to concentrate.

Snap Attack Compatibility
The application is compatible with various electronic devices. Some games are highly identified with age, but the puzzle can be played by a person of any age. It depends on the person’s ability to handle wordiness and the determination to become the next Snap Attack global champion.

WordBrain – Android App

c95b7ef05cf5c5807340430fd5ad1671New Android apps will include games that every player will enjoy. WordBrain is a popular addition to the video game library. A collapsible puzzle will entertain players who are dedicated to the format. Language vocabulary is a popular skill for people who download the application. WordBrain is highly rated and may be downloaded quickly as well. Players may see the puzzle collapse as soon as the game begins. The most brilliant game enthusiasts have joined up to try the game.

Visuals are increasingly popular as part of the experience. See the puzzle collapse as players interact with the screen. Proper arrangements are made after the Android App is installed. WordBrain encourages players to align letters properly and spell correctly. A new player may advance through to new levels as well. Choose from over 15 different languages once the game is installed. Over 580 different levels will be introduced for each language displayed. Android app is accessible and simple to use for new players.

WordBrain was developed by MAG Interactive and is available via Google Play. The program offers in-app downloads for the standard users. Android applications are increasingly popular as part of a new experience. It is a real challenge to try to complete the game as it is listed online. Very few players have successfully completed the game itself. New ratings and reviews are being listed in an online context for viewers. Thousands of reviews have left WordBrain with a 4.3 rating.

Content rating is listed as E for Everyone. Learn more when competing for the best score possible. Educational games are popular buys for the average consumer. Permission is granted by players who try out these details. The current version varies per device. Players will be able to clear the grid with their experience. Slide your fingers over the grid to move letters. It will be tough to complete the game. Test out some of the play options as soon as possible.

New additions include several major features. Improvements to game play are welcome as puzzle length is encouraged. It has been described as a fun and addictive game for all to enjoy. It looks great on a phone and will be entertaining for all. Find hidden words and beat the clock in an entertaining challenge. Current version is important for compatibility purposes on Android devices. Permission details are provided if the game is selected from the Google Play store.

Bonza Word Puzzle

89d3732ef7c825a00c44df69baf1de80Bonza is a colorful and vibrant crossword game for this new generation. Many old-timers will even love it as it still holds the old classic tale of unscrambling words. But this time, you can create your own puzzles and have the privilege of hints. Everyone has friends that they want to challenge as they feed their competitive spirit and in Bonza you can do such a thing. It puts even the most creative minds in sloop as the puzzles are based on current events or different specific topics created by the Bonza community.

Sometimes the hard crossword puzzlers want to look back and analyze how they could have done better on a certain puzzle and in Bonza you can look back at the puzzle even when you’re finished. This gives people the ability to improve and see how they can get done quicker for the next time. The layout is anything but dull as it encourages you to keep playing with its vibrant colors and explosive atmosphere.

Its unique design will even get gamers that aren’t into puzzles addicted. Challenging your friends to these puzzles will get everyone involved and coming back for more as things get more competitive. This is something new to the crossword world as you can compete with other people for better scores. The one-word clues come in handy for those players that are just beginning and not very experienced at word puzzles. And this comes in handy even for the experienced ones as the puzzles may get very hard and put gamers to a halt.

The music makes for an interesting addition as it gets you ready to play along with the sounds of the boxes being rearranged as you solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. And as a treat gold coins are a big reward for those able to solve the puzzles. The human mind is out to the test here as hints are available but limited at times. Gold Coins are a currency so that you may be able to purchase moe hints in case you get stuck in a rut. Make sure that you know what you’re doing because without s save feature the level will restart if needed to be closed. This makes it more intense as the player had to solve the puzzle as quickly and effectively as possible with full intention of moving on to the next level.